About us

From professional gaming to advanced Cloud-Computing

As game server providers we became experienced in advanced cloud-computing services.

The company

Founded in 2007 by experienced engineers passionate about computer science, Euskill provides companies with high-tech services in Iaas cloud-computing, development and Big Data.
Euskill was first a game server provider with its own rental service of game servers Myriapulse, whose technologies developed internally gave it a competitive advantage over its competitors regarding reliability, availability and performance. Thanks to these advantages and the rapid adoption of innovative technologies such as high performance storage systems based on SSD disks, Myriapulse has been able to establish itself quickly on the market.
The next step was naturally cloud-computing. Not only does the cloud-computing platform nodilex.com exploits similar technologies but the expectations of the final users regarding performance and availaibility are also the same.
Euskill then started to provide private as well as public cloud services in order to meet the demand of firms concerned about preserving a dedicated environment.
These innovative products combining simplicity, efficiency and performance have been adopted by thousand of clients across Europe.
Located in Strasbourg, France Euskill protects carefully client data to ensure a high-degree of privacy to its customers.
Euskill pays close attention to its clients’ needs and provide its services with the highest level of requirement. All technologies and equipment employed on our platforms are proven and reliable and comply with the highest standards regarding performance, reliability and security.

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