Applications and Web services

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Mobile app development and web services

Do you want to outsource the development of your mobile app? Our expert team (8 years of experience in mobile technologies) in mobile development will assist you from the conception to the acceptance testing of your project.

Hybrid Application and web services

We are specialized in the development of Hybrid applications (Android/iOS/Windows Phone) through the use of technologies such as Apache Cordova. These technologies are time-saving in the development stage of a multiplatform application and do not prevent from creating complex applications whether they are interactive or rich in content.

Back-end Development and API

Our team of back-end programmers will assist you in the creation of the specifications of your API by following your standards and development requirements. The projects we have worked on are so diverse that we have apprehended various environments from custom to Open Source framework.

Website and CMS

Ask for our experts to assist you in your website project! We can help you for the conception, development and deployment stages. In the case of a specific application (a business application for instance) the development will be based on a framework in order to ensure the upgradability of your website. For information or e-commerce website, we use proven CMS such as WordPress, Magento or Prestashop. Our experience in the Agiles method allows a rapid and segmented carrying-out.

Taking into account the production

We exploit our own infrastructure of cloud hosting. We collaborate with our Cloud Services during the development stage which ensures the conformity of the application with the expectations in development. In case of a critical application which needs a strict availability, our teams will work hand in hand to offer you a “stateless” application designed for an automatic and flexible deployment in the cloud.

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