Managed Cloud

The power of the Cloud, the peace of the mind

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Consolidate your applications by letting us manage your information system. We use our public cloud Nodilex to provide you a managed infrastructure and a daily follow-up of your services and applications. On top of having a member of our team dedicated to you, you benefit from the immediate intervention of our teams in case of incident, updates on request and event report in case of any security flaw or intrusion attempt. The flexibility of the Cloud will enable you to scale your resources according to your needs and the desired level of security and availability.

An efficient network

Our fibre-optic network, located in the heart of Europe is connected to several Tier 1 providers and directly linked to the EuroGIX and the DE-CIX which is the largest internet exchange point worldwide with an average throughput of 2523Gbit/s. We make sure to use top quality equipment in order to meet our clients’ needs whether it is in terms of charge or response time.

Load Balancing and High Availability

If you host a critical service or if the demand of one of your service fluctuates with time, load balancing makes it possible to balance the load in real time between various instances. Moreover these instances can be replicated endlessly. No more slow or unavailable services!

Back-up storage

Data losses often amount to revenue losses. Our storage solutions protect you from such risks by multiplying parallel storage servers or/and automatically and incrementally save your data on a distant site. Our technologies are adapted to standard hardware storages as well as advanced SSD storage systems.

DDoS Protection

Distributed denial-of-service attacks can make your service unavailable for several hours and are the worst nightmare of any IT service. On our Euskill network such attacks are instantaneously filtered which ensures you a complete protection.

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