Private Cloud

A Cloud dedicated to your company

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Wishing for a flexible and scalable service without having to pool resources?
A private cloud is what you need! The principle is simple: we set up a Cloud made of physical servers which are entirely dedicated to you and managed with a total transparency. This enables you to organize your resources through virtual server instances. You benefit from flexibility and avoid virtualization breakdown – the servers are migrated to another host in case of technical fault- while enjoying a dedicated environment. On top of that, a private cloud can be sized according to your evolving needs. Our experts can guide you in the transition of your IT system and offer you the proper infrastructure adjusted to your needs.

Choose the location

We offer you a ready-to-use private cloud, ready to be deployed within our secured datacenters or directly within your firm. In this case we will audit your current infrastructure or directly propose you a ready-to-use infrastructure.

Open Source Technologies

The cloud services we deployed are exclusively based on Open Source platforms which ensures you a room of manoeuvre (no lock-in) as well as advantages in terms of security and quality (public code). Our cloud offer is therefore based on Apache CloudStack Tm for the orchestration/management and XenServer for the virtualisation.


We assist your IT Team in the transition toward the cloud by teaching them how to use the managing and deployment tools of the cloud service. We guarantee you a smooth transition with our help desk remaining at your disposal during the entire period of exploitation.


As monitoring the activity and the state of your infrastructure is of prime importance, our support team monitors constantly the state of your services. You are immediatly informed in case of an incident and we deal automatically with the problem.

Fast deployment of your applicative instances

Our cloud services are compatible with the deployment of container applications using Docker and CoreOS.

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