Reseller Cloud

Your own Private Cloud to satisfy your clients!

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Do you host the applications of your clients? Use the cloud to rationalize resources and offer your clients high-availability solutions.
As Cloud instances are not subject to material breakdowns, you could offer your clients a higher degree of availability in comparison with classical dedicated servers. On top of that, load balancing and autoscale enable you not only to adapt automatically the allocated resources but also to measure the exact consumption of your clients in order to edit bills based on real consumption.
The cloud is very easy to managed through the interface we provide you. The gains in productivity deployment, administration and equipment gestion are considerable.
The Reseller cloud solution will therefore suit service editors or media agencies whose needs in hosting are significant. You will benefit from your own ready-to-use cloud, which remains completely flexible fit your needs and those of your clients.

Visit the link above to check out what sites were hit, but even the hyperlink if it wasn’t, it’s not such a bad thing to change your passwords anyway.